These 8x10 pet drawings are done on professional-grade white paper. The process is simple: using the form below you can send me the picture and any other additional details, once I have the picture and have recieved payment I get to work!


These are great for all the proud pet-owners out there!


Framing is offered as a seperate product on my sale page if you want it gift ready upon arrival!


Every drawing is wrapped in a hand-made craft paper envelope, sealed with a wax press, and labeled with the recipients name. Gift ready upon arrival!

Custom Pet Portrait

  • Commission pieces cannot be returned once payed for. Once all the specifications are layed out and you feel confident about your order you come back and pay here. 

    Orders have to be payed for soon after contact with me, once I have your picture and all other specifications and I've recieved payment I will add your order to my commission list. 



*Only for commission orders not prints*

If you are interested in ordering a commission drawing please fill out this contact information and I will reach out to you so we can get your order exactly as you want!

Once we have talked out all the specifications for your drawing you can come back and complete payment through your cart!


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